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OnCue BCA Pool league Bylaws

League Operators – Mickey Hammond & Cary Budde

Mickey Hammond – (618)263-7786

Cary Budde – (812)589-0727

Email –

2022 Committee

Mickey Hammond

Cary Budde

Michael Titzer

Charles Elrod

Patrick Akers

Trey Woodall

Greg Harp



Welcome to the OnCue BCA Pool League Family. This league was developed to create a “Player Incentivized” league. A league that is fair and completive for players of all skill levels. Thank you for joining us. Just remember to always Chalk & Have Fun!

The following rules will govern play in the On Cue BCA Pool League. Along with these rules, the Official Rules of Cue Sports International (CSI) will be used with possible slight variations.

Please go to to view your league stats at any time. Stats such as team standings, schedules, score sheets, and much more are available at this web site.



Annual membership fees are $20 and must be paid by your 2nd week of play. No part of the membership fee is kept by OnCue. The fee goes directly to BCA to help offset the costs of software and the World Championships. Players will not be allowed to play the 2nd week without paying their annual membership fees.

Weekly Fees:

Weekly league fees are $10/player on the night they play. It is the captain’s responsibility to make sure that their players are current on any and all fees. Any quarters needed to play the games will be deducted from the weekly league fees. Any weekly fees not paid must be paid prior to that player playing again.



Any player that joins the league and does not have an established Fargo rating will be assigned a starter rating based on the opinions of the OnCue BCA Pool League Committee.

The lowest rating any player will start at is 250.

In addition to a starter rating, players performance will be monitored until they reach 200 games played or a robustness of 200. Player’s starter ratings may or may not be adjusted up to that point based on their performance.


Number of players:

   - 5 person teams may have up to 8 players on a team

   - 4 person teams may have up to 8 players on a team

   - 3 person teams may have up to 5 players on a team


Adding players:

No player can be added to a team until a league officer has agreed.

Once a player has played twice, they are on the team and cannot be replaced.

4 Week Play Rule

During the first 4 weeks of play, a team may play 2 players twice (except in 9 ball). After 4 weeks of play, a team may only play 1 player twice (except during city or playoff tournaments). In the event a team has to play player(s) twice, the opposing team will have right of refusal of the first choice.


Make-up Matches:

Any make-up matches must be done within 3 weeks of original scheduled match date. Choice of location for make-ups will be determined by the team that permits the make-up. (Example: If Team A cannot be there and asks Team B to re-schedule. Team B has the choice as to where the make-up match is to be played).



Although we discourage forfeits, we understand that some times they are unavoidable. In the event of a forfeit, it will be handled as below.

  • Both teams must pay the weekly fees

  • Forfeiting team will receive 0 points

  • Other team will receive their weekly average in points (Example: If the team has played 4 weeks and scored 800 points total. The average will be 200).

  • Fargo ratings will not be affected by any forfeits

Any team that forfeits two consecutive weeks or any three weeks in a league session will be automatically suspended from any and all further league competition. Any and all sanction monies, fees / dues and prize money shall be forfeited. Suspended teams must bring their balance due to the league back to zero before being allowed back into the league. This would include fees for past weeks even though they were not participating

In the event a team has to forfeit 1 or 2 players, it will be handled as follows.

  • Weekly fees must be paid for any forfeiting player

  • Fargo rating to be used for the forfeiting player will be calculating the total of all players playing on both teams and divide by total number of players.

  • Forfeiting player will receive 0 points

  • Other player will receive 10 points

  • Fargo ratings will not be affected by any forfeits

Starting Time of Match:

Please allow 10 minutes of grace time for players that are running late if necessary. If a player cannot be there by the time his/her match is ready to start, the opposing captain must allow the player to be played around until it is that players turn again. At the point the opposing captain has the option to continue to play around the player or force them to forfeit matches until the player arrives.


Tables and Equipment Used:

Venues, Tables and pool balls used should be in "playable" condition. If deemed "unplayable" by the League Operator, the match may be moved to another venue or another table. The pool balls, including the cue ball used, may be chosen by the home team unless otherwise specified by the league.


Setting Team Lineups:

Score sheets will be in duplicate. The white copy will go in the envelope and signed by both teams. The home team captain will set the lineup on the score sheet first, and then give it to the visiting team captain to do the same. Away team will receive the carbon copy to keep score if they wish. The white copy must be placed in the envelope along with monies collected. White copy must be included even if using the scoring app.

With prior approval of the opposing team captain, one player on a team is allowed to "shoot out" or play all their games consecutively at the start of the match. This policy is not allowed at the BCAPL National Championships or any other high-level event. This should not be a regular occurrence.


Substitute "Sub" Players:

A team may put a substitute (sub) player into the lineup any time before the start of a round. The captain of the team putting the sub in must notify the opposing team captain prior to the start of the round. If a notification to put in a sub is requested before the start of the round, the request cannot be refused as long as the sub is equal to or less in Fargo.

Additionally, only the first player put up will receive credit for a week played.


Time Limits to Report to the Table:

Players must report to the table for their game in a reasonable amount of time. Even though there is a "late" policy in place, we encourage team captains to work with each other whenever possible. Remember, this is a pool league where the idea is to have good clean competition AND TO HAVE FUN!!!



Breaking will be determined by the score sheet unless otherwise specified by the League Operator.


Bye Weeks:

All teams that have to play a scheduled "Bye" will receive zero points.

Drop Out Teams:

Teams that drop out during the course of a session can create problems within the league. It can have an uneven or unfair effect on the division standings, and reduce the prize money for the other teams. All players on a team that drops out of the league will forfeit all singles and team prize money won in that session. A team that has started a session is responsible for the full session's fees. The captain of a team that has dropped out will not be allowed to play on future league teams until all owed fees are paid. Team members other than captains are responsible for their share of the total fees owed for every week of the session, and must pay fees for past weeks before being allowed to rejoin the league with any other team. The League Operator will try to find a "replacement" team to fill the vacant spot, but if that is not possible the League Operator will try to find the most equitable and fair way to adjust the league's team and/or singles standings. This may include averaging points by a team for the session and applying that number of points to a forfeited match, or a similar method of points averaging.


Although, coaching of any form is not permitted at BCA Nationals or any high-level event, coaches will be allowed for regular weekly play by allowing one (1) coach per game to be used with any player. Players or captains may call a coach. However, a captain does have the right to refuse the coach and will not be charged for it.

Although the coaching player can discuss with another player on the team, only the original coach is allowed to converse with the player. (Any questions related to rules will not be considered a coach.)


Unsportsmanlike Conduct:

The guidelines for unsportsmanlike conduct are outlined in the Official Rules of the BCA Pool League on page 93. This includes but is not limited to actions that are embarrassing, disruptive, or detrimental to other players, spectators, event officials, or the sport in general.


Penalties for Unsportsmanlike Conduct will be determined by the League Operator. These penalties may range from a warning to suspension / expulsion from the league, disqualification from a tournament or playoff, and forfeiture of prize money won during the regular or post session.


Sandbagging Policies:

This league will not tolerate "sandbagging" (playing at a skill level below a player's true ability in order to manipulate and gain an unfair advantage) of any kind. A player may be warned, suspended or expelled if this type of play is suspected.


Slow Play:

We encourage people to have fun, play at a reasonable pace, and enjoy league pool. However, there may be a rare occasion when the League Operator will have to rule on slow play. Either player or both players may be put on a 60 second clock at the League Operator's discretion.



Qualifying for the End of Year Event: 

Teams that qualify will play against other qualifiers for a chance to play in Vegas.

In addition to meeting the national requirement of having a minimum of 8 weeks played in a single session, a player must have a minimum of 4 weeks played during any additional sessions.

There will be 3 sessions each year. The top 40% from each session will qualify for the End of Year Event. This number will round up at .5 or higher.

Any team that qualifies must finish in the top 60% in coming sessions to maintain qualified. If you're team fails to meet the requirements, then the final decision will be made by the OnCue Review Committee.

Once a team qualifies, they must play any and all sessions until the End of Year Event and have a minimum of 2 original players to maintain the qualification.

​The team that is used in the 3rd session of the year is the team that plays in the End of Year Event.  

Any player that does not meet the minimum requirements set in place by the BCAPL will not be allowed to participate in any End of Year event and will not be included in any trips won.


Getting to Vegas:

Win a spot in the End of Year Event. Number of spots will be determined by OnCue Management.

Eligibility for BCAPL World Championships in Las Vegas, NV - Players who have played a minimum of eight (8) full regularly scheduled BCAPL league matches in the same division during a single sanctioned session, and are deemed an active player by the League Operator, are eligible to play in the BCAPL World Championships.


Las Vegas World Championships format:

At the World Championships, ball spots are not used.

Each team has the choice of what division they want to play in.

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