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What rules will BCAPL use?

  • Open After Break

  • Jump Cues allowed.

  • No Slop

  • Call Pocket and Ball

  • Safety Rule

  • Close to What Pros Use

  • No handicapped races

  • Everyone Plays Everyone

  • Round Robin Format

  • Win a game; Win a buck

  • FargoRate to cap team skill

  • BCAPL Standard Rules

How are the payouts structured?

The short answer is 90 percent will be paid back to players in cash/prizes and event entries due to On Cue's sponsorship. 10 percent will be for expenses including: BCAPL Sanctioning Fee, marketing, expense re-imbursements for gas or office supplies, T-shirts for players, etc.

The remaining payouts will be structured in the following way:

  • 25% Win a game; Win a buck.  Every game you play contributes to your success in the league.  This benefits the best players to where they can make money on the table, and will help keep all weeks competitive.

  • 25% Participation based payouts.  Think of this like a Frequent Flyer Mile Program.  Points are allocated based on participation.  A captain would get a little more than a player for their added effort, and long-term loyalty will be rewarded.

  • 25% Year-End City Tournament.  A banquet and tournament will be held at the end of the year.  In the first year, we cannot guarantee winning a trip to play in the National Championships in our first year(because we are starting mid-year), but there will be a year end money-added team tournament, Other events like a Break and Run Derby, as well as individual contests.

  • 15% This last portion is used for Year-Round Events. Top player money-added matchups.  Large money-added singles tournaments for members only, and open money-added singles tournaments where various members will have free entry

Why isn't everything already set in stone as far as team balancing guidelines, and why have players had to be moved prior to the session beginning?

Starting a new pool league from scratch is not easy.  Just know that we are doing the best that we can do to build a wonderful league.  In order to give guidelines to captains who wished to form their own teams, we had to make estimates in just who would join this new league.  As the makeup, of the players became more and more clear, team balance needed to be addressed.  Also, a rush of players signing up at the last minute, caused other fluxuations that we have scrambled to work through.  We have asked people to be patient with us through this process, and feel confident that with more participation and resulting feedback from players and match results that we can turn this into a beautiful league.  Our own teams were the first we adjusted and we feel confident that we are making a competitive and fun balance that will showcase some of the best talent the area has to offer.

We wish to thank everyone for their patience in this tulmultuous time.  If you see the same kinds of future for this league that we do, you will look back on it someday and think, man, I'm glad I hung with them through inevitible fits and starts that any new enterprise suffers through.  We know a lot of people who want to see how it turns out before they committ, and we get that.  Hopefully, this first session will be all that we hope it to be.  If you'd like to try it out, by all means talk to a team captain, ask us your questions, and take us up on our offer to let you try one night, with no committment.  It takes everybody working together to get something like this off the ground.  We are happy you have taken the ride with us.  If you have suggestions, please talk with us, while we can only implement certain changes at specific times, we want to know both what you like and don't like, so we an improve over time.  Let's have a great first session!

Evansville already has a successful pool league.  Why do we need another?  How will you work together?

The APA is a league catered to lower-skilled players and BCAPL is geared towards higher-skilled players. APA is a handicapped league, with game-rules that make every attempt to skew an advantage to people of less-skill. It provides new and lower skilled players an "Anyone Can Win" situation by way of The Equalizer Handicapping Formula, and allows coaching to help lower-skilled players get better. The APA is great at this and for pool in general, because of how well it brings new people into the game of pool. It introduces players to one another, and players to other locations. It provides a dream that even the newest player can someday compete in The Largest Pool Tournament in the World. I was brought into the pool scene by this very thing.


I love the APA. However, when you cater to new and lower-skilled players, it means that you are not catering to higher-skilled players. APA 6's and 7's get frustrated by getting put up on 2's and 3's, the rules in play, and by not being challenged on a given league night. They go off and play with other higher rated players on practice tables, and the function of mentorship is certainly compromised.  Many of these higher-skilled players have won the big trip to Vegas as they've moved up the pool ranks locally, so the allure of that tournament is somewhat lessened.

If you have won the trip to Vegas, and you are a 5, 6 or 7, or if you are no longer playing in the APA, then this league is likely for you.  If you are a 4 or lower, this will be a very difficult league to compete straight up in, so play in the APA, get better, take a lesson(I know a guy), and go win that trip and play in their National Team Championships. If you are a 5, and want stiff competition to improve your game, then our league is a great option.  Why not play in both?  APA and BCAPL co-exist in many areas and in many ways they are complementary.  Our goal will to be to provide the best league for what APA calls 5's, 6's, and 7's.  However, you be the judge.  We believe that both leagues benefit by their being options for all players and two leagues that focus on different ends of the skill spectrum.

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