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On Cue Billiards Cue Repair Price List


At On Cue we provide world-class work with local convenience all at a reasonable price. Most repairs will be completed within 24 hours(some require 24 hour curing). Special appointments can be made to get work done "while you wait" and emergency rush jobs will be an option for an additional fee.

Delivery of completed work is $5

Cue Reconditioning

$10 - Shaft cleaning (Clean, smooth, remove dings, and wax)

$10 - Linen cleaning (Clean and polish butt)

$25 - Shaft re-taper

Major Dent/Scratch removal - Contact for quote.
Joint/Pin, Butt Cap, Refinish work - Contact for quote.

Tip Replacement

Includes a shaft cleaning and ding removal.

$15 - Le Pro, Triangle, Milk Dud, Water Buffalo

$25 - Ultraskin, Tiger Emerald, Thomas tips

$30 - Kamikaze, Tiger Everest, Talisman, White Diamond, G10 tips

$35 - Moori, Samsara, and Tiger Sniper tips

$40 - Kamui Black and Brown, Tiger Onyx, and G2 tips

$45 - Kamui Clear Tips and G10 ferrule/tip combo


Ferrule Replacement – (will require purchase of tip)

$25 - Juma, Aegis (White), Black Phenolic
$45 - G10 ferrule/tip combo, or Phenolic ferrule/tip combo

$55 - Genuine Pre-Ban Ivory

Other ferrule material available by request, contact for a quote.


Tenon Replacement – $10 (will require new ferrule and tip)


Linen Wraps

$40 - Standard colors (Black, Black w/white specks, White w/black specks)

$50 - Custom colors (custom colors will require a delay for ordering linen)

$25 - Cut Wrap Groove (will require new wrap as well)

Shaft Replacement

$115 - New shaft 

$100 - Duplicate shaft (uses old insert and rings)

A duplicate or new shaft comes with standard tip.

Tip upgrades available for $15 less than above replacement price.


Tip Replacement 

Mickey Hammond - 618-263-7786

Whether you need a new tip, a linen wrap, a ferrule replaced, or a whole new shaft, let On Cue Billiards get your equiptment in tip-top shape.

On Cue can also do custom ring work, and even work with a customer to design a custom cue to their specifications.  Exotic woods, points, veneers, wood to wood joints, and much much more.

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