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Mickey Hammond

On Cue Billiards




Evansville, IN, 8/8/16 - On Cue BCA Pool League is kicking off its innaugural session with a 3-person team tournament at O'brian's Sports Bar and Grill on August 27th at noon.  Entry Fees will be $15 per person(with a $2 greens fee for the tables to be opened) and the tournament will use On Cue BCA Pool league's format and rules in a blind-draw of individual entrants grouped into three skill levels for balancing purposes, in order to have a fun way to showcase the ideas behind our upcoming special events and tournaments that will be integral to what On Cue Billiards is building with this new league.  After teams are formed it will be a double elimination race-to-5 team-event with each player playing one game and rotating players such that no player plays an opponent more than once, and a hill-to-hill match will result in every player playing every other player from the opposing team.

The fundraising component of this event is also a showcase of what On Cue Billiards is hoping to achieve with future events in that the tournament will payback 100% of all entry fees to the winning teams, and use sponsorship, raffles, and voluntary donations in order to raise funds for a cause that is near and dear to the co-founders of On Cue Billiards hearts.  If you want to join in on the fun of raffles, side-games, or get your cue-shaft cleaned at the tournament then you will have plenty of fun opportunities to contribute, but we know our pet charities aren't necessarily those closest to the player's hearts, so we are adamant that prize pools will not be used for fundraising, and greens fees will be economical in order to make a great tournament with great prizes the primary goal.

O'Brian's Sports Bar And Grill and On Cue Billiards are the primary sponsors of this event and it is our first opportunity to work together in a partnership for a tournament.  O'brian's has provided us unparralleled access and support to make this event a success, and is providing a deeply discounted greens fee for the players as well.  If you like what we are doing and want to see other bigger and better events, then let your server's know with your purchases and tips.  As for On Cue Billiards, let us know verbally, what we can do to improve events going forward and ask us about what we are doing, but we are easy, you can just talk pool with us.

ABOUT ON CUE BILLIARDS -  On Cue Billiards was established in 2013 with the goal of providing needed services and new options to help make Evansville's pool scene into a thriving and competitive community that benefits everyone who loves the game of pool.  The On Cue BCA Pool League headed by Mickey Hammond is a new concept for a local pool league with an emphasis on combining compelling events with challenging weekly-play from experienced players in order promote the kinds of competitive opportunities to help push everyone to greater heights. The league leverages technology and player participation in order to achieve very high payouts and matchups that are sure to be exciting for both the serious players and casual observers alike.  On Cue Billiards also provides Indiana's only PBIA-certified pool instruction with Steve Boyer, and Southern Indiana's premiere cue repair by Robert Darling where top quality materials and workmanship come with convenience and a fair price .  Pool is our passion at On Cue Billiards, and improving Evansville pool is our primary drive. For more information, contact: Robert Darling to get you to the right person for your needs.


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